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Had a great visit this past weekend from Paul, Carla and Henry!



A Sad but Good Visit…

Iowa Family



After waking up to about 3 inches of snow this morning our golf plans were only slightly delayed.  The snow melted fast and by 10:30 most of it was gone except that in the shaded areas.  And although the temps were not that warm we decided to go ahead and head over to Eagle/Vail and play golf.  It was mine and Noah’s first time out for the season and needless to say it took a little warming up. 

Before and After – Noah

This just seems to be the week of hair cuts at our house.  Since I did one of these for Ozzy, I thought it only proper to do one for Noah too-


Well the snow is gone again, dare I say for good?  Probably not- but the grass is starting to turn green.  We finished up raking the front of the yard and patched there.  Al and Rosalie were up for the weekend, and helped with the yard work.  We also got the sprinkler system turned on and all is running good.  Even my roses seem to be trying to grow!


I smoked a couple of racks of ribs and Sausage in my Big Green Egg on Saturday-  enjoyed with a big bowl of potato salad and baked beans.

 The 2 Als and Noah worked on new flower boxes for me.  The original ones were made 10 years ago and have held up pretty good, but each year we needed to patch and re-screw many of the joints together.  So new ones were made with mitered corners.  Al and I spent yesterday sanding and sealing them.  Here is a comparison of the old ones and the new ones. As soon as I get them planted I will post more pictures- but it will probably be after Father’s Day. 


Noah painted his gold-  Nana would be proud!  

Grandma and Noah

Lazy Puppies

Looking forward to a short week.  Things on the list for the week include:

Noah is performing in the school talent show on Friday- playing guitar with a quartet. Picture to come!

Evening in the Back Yard

The only thing missing from this picture is me! This is one of my favorite places to sit and enjoy a nice glass of merlot.  Many nights we have big wind, but tonight is calm as can be.  The humingbirds are well into their warring, buzzing around each other.

My yard is officially snow free (for now anyway!).  We spent last weekend raking the back yard and cleaning up all the dead grass that the voles had torn up.  We ended up putting down 3 bags of new grass seed and 7 bags of soil to cover the damaged area.  We still have the front yard to do, but at least we have a jump start on the back yard- now we just have to get the sprinkler system turned on this weekend. You can see over in the corner by the trees all the fresh dirt.

Evening is also a great time to observe the humingbirds.  I have to tell you that my new lens ROCKS!  check out some of these close ups! 





Ozzy and Noah playing Tag- or keep away, Im not quite sure.  But one thing I do know- Ozzy is much faster than Noah!


Meeting new cousins for the first time is always Fun!!

Thanks Aunt Mandy!

I have a kid that loves the color orange.  Orange is a very difficult color to find when it comes to good yarn.  A while back Noah asked Aunt Mandy to die some for him since she spins her own yarn-  He was very excited to receive a beautiful skein of orange yarn and immediately demanded a new hat!

Here is the new yard wound into a ball – I find its easiest to knit with it in this form. Granted Im not a great Knitter, and I dont even know that I am a knitter since I use a loom – I guess thats really cheating.  But I love to make hats like this- And Noah loves to wear them!

Here is the final product- love the glasses!  Noah has not had a chance to thank you yet- but thank you Aunt Mandy!

Ive made a couple of hats from different yarns of Mandy’s and they are all wonderful!  You can check them out at her Etsy Shop- SewSpun:

Weekend Update

Friday Night Guitar Lessons

Saturday Lacrosse Game in Denver.  They didnt do as good this weekend and lost 8-2. But the weather was beautiful!

Saturday night- Noah had another sleepover and a friends house.  Al and I went out to dinner and then spent some time playing Tiger Woods 08.  I think we are all itching for golf season!

Sunday we spent some time in the back yard.  The snow, while melting, was still over the fence in one area and the dogs keep escaping.  So we decided to try and knock the snow down from that area.  Well it turns out it was hard packed on top but pretty wet underneath-  We tried to go at it with the shovels and then broke out the snowblower. 


We also have a vole problem and they do massive damage by eat the grass and tunneling.  we typically have to almost entirely reseed the yard every year.  So in efforts of trying to keep them outside the yard (which is nearly impossible) we decided to make a path along the fence too.  Now the snow can melt from both sides.  We are suppose to have rain in the next couple of days with a chance of snow/rain mix by the end of the week.  So that should help knock down the snow too.