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Good Day!

We had a great day today, a great weekend altogether.  The weather was just beautiful both days- around 70 degrees.  As I stated below we spent Saturday planting flowers, but today we decided we should go fly fishing.  I needed a new pair of waders and we both needed fishing licences so we went into the fly fishing shop and picked that stuff up.  After we were all geared up and legal, we headed north of Silverthorne and over Ute Pass to the Williams Fork Area.  We were driving down the road at about 40 mph when all of a sudden a moose cow came running out onto the road in front of us!  What a shock!  We stopped the car and the moose safely reached the other side of the road and preceded to turn around an look at us. Well I thought she was looking at us, but then in my side mirror I caught glimpse of what she was really looking for.  It was a very very small calf!  The calf crossed the road about 20 feet behind our car, and the cow ran towards it and they both ran off into the woods.  Now I’ve seen moose before when we traveled to Jackson Hole and through Teton National Park, but never in my own back yard (so to speak).  Probably the coolest thing I’ve seen in a very long time! Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me- better luck next time!