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More Hummingbirds

The Elusive Hummingbird

The hummingbirds have been hard to catch on camera lately- Camera Shy?  Maybe… Here are a couple I shot.  I stood waiting for them to come to the feeder for ever and then the second I went inside there were several of them- go figure!

The Pansies have taken over!

Here are some updated photos of my little flower garden.  I bought a couple of Asiatic lilies and put them in my flower boxes. My irises are close to all being in bloom and we bought a new blue columbine to replace one that didn’t come back this year.  You can see below how the pansies and violas have taken over the garden.  I’m going to have to pull some around my Hen and Chicks as I think they are being strangled out.  We have so many different varieties of pansies and violas that at this point they are starting to cross polinate and coming up with some unique color combinations- its kinda cool!

Good Day!

We had a great day today, a great weekend altogether.  The weather was just beautiful both days- around 70 degrees.  As I stated below we spent Saturday planting flowers, but today we decided we should go fly fishing.  I needed a new pair of waders and we both needed fishing licences so we went into the fly fishing shop and picked that stuff up.  After we were all geared up and legal, we headed north of Silverthorne and over Ute Pass to the Williams Fork Area.  We were driving down the road at about 40 mph when all of a sudden a moose cow came running out onto the road in front of us!  What a shock!  We stopped the car and the moose safely reached the other side of the road and preceded to turn around an look at us. Well I thought she was looking at us, but then in my side mirror I caught glimpse of what she was really looking for.  It was a very very small calf!  The calf crossed the road about 20 feet behind our car, and the cow ran towards it and they both ran off into the woods.  Now I’ve seen moose before when we traveled to Jackson Hole and through Teton National Park, but never in my own back yard (so to speak).  Probably the coolest thing I’ve seen in a very long time! Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me- better luck next time!

Flower Boxes

We spent most of Saturday shopping for flowers and planting the new flower boxes that Al andNoah made for me earlier this spring.  We usually plant our flowers for the season around Father’s Day, but since we spent last week in Iowa, we were not here to plant.  Its actually a good thing we didn’t plant, because we did have snow last week.  We also got our hanging baskets which hang from the eves of the deck.  I didn’t take any pictures of the deck off the master, but we have 2 boxes there and 2 big planters.  We planted some strawberries a couple of weeks ago in the two big planters.  Anyway, it was a long day of planting, but we are very happy with the results.  Take a look!


And look! My Poppies are starting to pop!  Most of my poppies are self started from seeds that had fallen.  We planted 2 poppy plants about 2 years ago andnow they are everywhere!  I even found some growing on the other side of our fence in the lot next to us.  As they start to bloom more I will  put more pictures up but this is the first one that has popped open.  My 2nd plant of irises is about to pop open too… I think there are like 5 flowers on that one- stay tuned for photos.

One plant that always reminds me of my mom is a fuschia-  Nancy loved Fuschia-  I can remember almost every summer she would find a big hanging basked of fuschia- so everytimeI see one it makes me think of her.  Well I found a couple of smaller plants at our local greenhouse and bought 2.  I was not sure what I was going to do with them, but they fit nicely in this single pot!

Flower Update

Here are some new photos of my flower’s progress.  Unfortunatly we had some snow last week and most of the buds on my iris were shocked, but I got one bud out of the deal.

and the flox are in bloom… Check back on Monday for more photos as those new flower boxes are going to be planted this weekend! Hopefully our snow is gone for good- at least until September!

Iowa Family


Wapsi Waters Receed

The waters have dropped about 5 feet from crest level but the muck left behind does not smell very good!  Here are some updated photos-

Waspi Flood Update

These pictures were taken on Friday Night…


More Wapsi Flood Photos

The first round of photos was taken about 11am on Thursday and these were taken around 7 pm on Thursday, which is why they are a little dark.  Im not sure how close I will be able to get today to take photos as the river has completly come out of its bank and taken over the lower part of town…

You can see in this photo that the river is right at the bottome of the iron bridge. Mandy and I were down by this bridge around 1pm and they were talking about the chain lenght fence on the bridge and whether or not to take it off the bridge, and you can see from this photo that they did go ahead and take it off… 

John and Mandy standing on the bridge on the highway looking towards the iron bridge.  You can see how close to the bottom of the bridge the water is.  About 10 minutes after this was taken the closed this bridge to all traffic, including foot traffic!


This is a shot of the sandbagging going on at the water waste treatment plant.  About 15 minutes after this was taken they evacuated ths plant and it was overrun by water.