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Dinner is Served: Steak over Spinach with Cheesy Potatoes and Focaccia

Tonight’s Menu: Steaks over spinach with Olive oil dressing, caramelized onions, cheesy potatoes and Jalapeno cheddar focaccia

Just a reminder that cooking is a great experiment.  You never know something wont work unless you try it.  I’m all about trying new things and am typically not scared to just throw things together.  Tonight was a good example of that.  I pulled a package of meat out of the freezer not quite knowing what to expect.  As I have stated in previous posts, we ordered a 1/4 of a cow this past spring.  I was out-of-town then the meat came so I was not there to divide it up and see what we got.  So it’s a surprise when I dig in the freeze to see what all we have down there.  I have a rather limited experience with all different cuts of meat.  We are a steak family and we use hamburger meat, and chuck roasts but that is the extent of the cuts of meat I’m used to cooking with.  So I pulled out a small package wrapped in white butcher paper and the label said Tri Tip.  I looked it up online and read that it was a tougher cut of meat that should be used as fajita meat or marinated.  When I opened the package it looked like two decent steaks.  But I went ahead with the marinade that I made up.  I put the steaks in a zip lock bag with about 1/2 cup of Soy Sauce with a couple of heaping tablespoons of Horseradish and several fresh basil leaves.  I let it marinate for 24 hours.

I have noticed the bread does funny things here when we have lots of humidity.  We had a good rain storm today with about 1/2 inch of rain in about 20 minutes.

Dough with jalapenos

Add Cheddar Cheese and let it rise...

Then on to the next step- Veggies:

Sliced Wala Wala onion on foil

Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper and wrap up

Wrapped up and ready to go on the grill

Then Slice the potatoes and boil to partially cook

Place pre-cooked potatoes in grill pan and sprinkle with salt and pepper

Cover with cheese - I actually had cheese left over from the last time I made this... Ready for the grill

Now I need a sauce for the steak and spinach. Again something I just kinda make up.  I pour some olive oil in the blender and add fresh parsley from the garden.  Then add a splash of Red Wine Vinager, and a garlic clove.

This is my latest kitchen gadget. Its a garlic peeler. You put a clove in and roll it pressing down a little on it, and it pulls the outer shell right off! Wonderful

The onions are cooking!

Potatoes Cooking and Steaks Too!

The Fococcia 1/2 of it cut up for dinner!


Dinner is Served: Stroganoff

Well if you have not figured it out by now, I will cook just about anything on my grill.  Anything to not have to use the stove inside and heat up the house.  Along with a regular grill it also has an oven and a burner.  Last night I decided to make stroganoff and headed outside to use the burner on the grill.  The only problem came when I needed to make rice too.  So I just fired up the grill and set my pan on there for heat.  It turned out pretty good.  We have decided that our next house will have to have a pretty elaborate outdoor kitchen with a nice grill, oven, a couple of burners and maybe even a fridge.

Tonight’s Menu: Beef Stroganoff over Rice and left over Garlic-Basil Bread.

Ozzy stays close to make sure I don't drop anything!

Timing the rice- there an app for that!

Hockey Set Up

A new hockey season is just around the corner and tryouts will be here in a couple of weeks.  Noah has spent the summer skating a bunch and doing a lot of dryland training with a couple of DU alumni.  Last weekend we pulled out his hockey net and put it together and then Al spent the better part of Sunday getting a shooting area set up for Noah.  Our house was built in the 50’s and does not have a garage.  Not a huge deal this time of year, but a big bummer when it is cold and snowy.  It does have a carport which is covered but open on the sides.  We decided this was a good place for the net cause its shaded and because of the roof we can wrap it in netting and protect the windows on the house.  Here are some photos of the set up.

Some extra shots of Noah Shooting

Unwelcome neighbors?

In the tree in the front yard... so far no incident...

Dinner is Served: Top Sirloin, veggies and bread

Tonight’s Menu: Top Sirloin Steaks, Roasted Garlic and Broccoli, Spring Onions and Garlic-Basil Bread

Spring Onions in Soy Sauce and Broccoli ready for the grill

full use of the grill top!

Spring Onions in Soy sauce and Olive Oil- our new favorite!

So Good!!!

Fresh Bread!

Roasted Garlic and Basil bread

Couple of beggars waiting for a handout

Dessert- Blueberry pocket pies

Dinner is Served: T-Bones, potatoes au gratin, and roasted green beans

Tonight’s Menu: T-Bone steaks, potatoes au gratin, and roasted green beans with garlic

Potatoes and onions before the cheese sause

Noah helped to cut the ends off the beans

Cheesy potatoes and beans on the grill

enter meat stage right

Garden fresh tomatoes with onions to garnish the steak. yum!

Cup Cakes!

I think the person who invented cup cakes should have a holiday in their honor… Cup cake make just about anyone smile.  What a great way to eat cake!!!

A little Reeces surprise in the middle

Frosting in a can? This person should get a holiday too!