Monthly Archives: May 2010

Dinner from the grill

Its been warming up in the afternoons so I decided to try and cook dinner outside. I also recently signed up to receive a small box of organics from Door to Door Organics. I hope that this will help us eat more veggies over the summer.  Tonight was mushrooms from the farmer’s market, squash from the farmer’s market, spinach with bacon, rib-eyes and garlic bread.  Very yummy!

Oh and Ive decided that I’m just a big cheater.  Or maybe its not cheating… just maybe being lazy? I have been buying and using these disposable pans for the grill.  It makes clean up so easy!  I try to run them through the washer after the first use, and then pitch if I have to.  Makes cooking everything on the grill so much better!

Happy Garden in the SUN!!!

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Mother Nature is confused

This is the scene from my garden this morning… YES that is snow you see in there! I went and bought frost covers yesterday and thought- well maybe I wont need them.  Well the rain started while we were at lacrosse practice and quickly turned cold, so I was scrambling in the rain to put the covers on.  Used binder clips to get the covers to stay on the tomato cages.  Hopefully everything will weather the snow ok.  They are saying we may get more tonight so Im leaving them on until I see the sun again.  Its suppose to be 50 though and sunny tomorrow…

Doomed Tiger Lilies

We recently fenced off part what used to be a flower garden so that I can have a vegi garden… However we left part of it unfenced.  In that part there are flowers: tulips, lavender, bleeding heart, a rose bush, and today I added pansies a nice red lupine and some creeping floxs and a big section of tiger lilies.  These were blooming last August when we moved in.  However, Ozzy thinks they are a great place to lay, and Im not sure they are going to survive…

First farmers market

Today was the first farmer’s market of the summer in Cherry Creek.  I got up and went early since Noah had a lacrosse game at 10.  It was a little chilly at 38 degrees but there were not very many people up an about at 8am and I got to park close.  I picked up lots of goodies including meat pie empanadas, fresh corn on the cob( fresh from somewhere?), fresh jalapeño and cheddar bread, sourdough bread, some elk and jalapeño sausage, asparagus, sweet onions, green chili and mashed potatoes, a dozen farm eggs, some spices and dips from the spice man.  Last but not least there was a wonderful both selling paella.  Their Paella pot was so glorious that I had to take a picture!  If I only had a bigger stove top (and more mouths to feed)