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Dinner is Served: Garden & Shrimp Alfredo

Tonight’s Menu: Garden veggies with Shrimp alfredo over spinach angel hair pasta.

I was going to make shrimp alfredo, and then decided to church it up with what ever I had in the fridge from my veggie delivery.

Onions sautéing in bacon grease while I chop garlic-

Roasted Green Chiles from the farmer's market ready to chop

adding broccoli and cherry tomatoes

Yum- I could eat just this over pasta plain!

add shrimp

and I totally cheated and used alfredo sauce from a jar...


My NEW favorite breakfast

Breakfast quiche-  I have been making these a bunch lately.  I started one day when I had some puff pastry in the freezer and some cream in the fridge.  These are not things I typically keep on hand- well that has all changed.  Puff Pastry and cream are staples for this!  I have tried regular pie crust when I’m out of puff pastry but it’s not as good!

puff pastry in ramekins.

compile ingredients, I typically pull a bunch of left overs from the fridge and use them. Todays includes left over flat iron steak from dinner, carmalized onions, a tomato from the garden and 2 types of cheese.

Add ingredients to the ramekins.

add whipped up eggs and cream and top with cheese. I used a Mexican crumbly cheese inside and shredded cheddar to top it off.

Pop it in the oven for 20-30 minutes (I use the outside oven to keep the house cool) until done.


Dinner is Served: Smoked Salmon

Tonight’s Menu: Smoked Salmon with crackers and cream cheese and pepper jelly

Pickles, Pepper Jelly and Mixed Berry Jelly

and YES I did cook and process on my grill