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Noah’s goal from this weekend!

Hockey Set Up

A new hockey season is just around the corner and tryouts will be here in a couple of weeks.  Noah has spent the summer skating a bunch and doing a lot of dryland training with a couple of DU alumni.  Last weekend we pulled out his hockey net and put it together and then Al spent the better part of Sunday getting a shooting area set up for Noah.  Our house was built in the 50’s and does not have a garage.  Not a huge deal this time of year, but a big bummer when it is cold and snowy.  It does have a carport which is covered but open on the sides.  We decided this was a good place for the net cause its shaded and because of the roof we can wrap it in netting and protect the windows on the house.  Here are some photos of the set up.

Some extra shots of Noah Shooting

Hockey Update

Noah had 2 hockey games this past Saturday, and they won both games 11-0.  It was kind of a blow out.  Everyone on the team had either a goal or an assist.  Noah had 2 goals and an assist during the first game and 4 goals during the second game, his first ever HAT TRICK!  It was really fun to see the kids finally win one!  They are now 2-3-2 (2 wins, 3 losses and 2 ties)  Our next game is against the #1 team, and I think they can win!


Noah’s Hockey Game

Noah played his 2nd game of the season- in which they ended up tieing-  But he did score the first goal and have the assist on the 2nd!  It was a great game for him!  Thats him in the White helmet with the puck!