Garden Journal

July 5

The corn is doing good! 2nd time is a charm

I tried to kill my strawberries last week when we were out of town. I had to cut them way back... I hope they survive.

My tomatoes are getting super tall!

Hard to see, but this pepper plant has like 6 peppers on it!

The roma plant is my big producer so far.

and the tomatillo keeps growing... no fruit but lots of blooms and tallness

and my strawberries are coming on big time- lets hope the squirrel will stay away!

blooms galore on my squash!

my cantaloupe is not doing well... not sure

the peas are done...

and my garlic greens have fallen over... Not sure if thats ok or not... anyone?

Simon and Ozzy enjoying the sun!

June 18

Not too much new to report.  Everything is growing well.  I have a couple of roma tomatoes on and a pepper, and a tiny cucumber.  Here are some photo updates.

2nd time was the charm on the corn... its coming up gangbusters

Roma tomato- the only one doing anything yet.

the lone hot pepper

tomato flowers that will soon produce - hopefully!

Garlic- Still growing like crazy, but still just single cloves when you dig them up

June 9

Noticed my first tomatoes today.  Obviously I have not been looking very good.  I have about 5 quarter size diameter Roma tomatoes on!  But the garden needs to be weeded again….

June 6

I spent about 2 hours weeding the garden this morning… trying to get to it while it was still in the shade before the heat it.  Everything is growing like crazy! That is except for my corn.  I had 6 corn plants come up.  Today I weeded the whole area I had corn planted and re-planted.  I think that I put it in the ground too early way before the ground was warm enough.  So I put the same corn in that I had planted previously:

Corn: Early n’ Often- 7 to 14 days to germinate; harvest in 64 days- Should be ready now in Mid August…

Here are some updated photos.  My garlic is growing like a weed and so is my tomatillo plant.  Blooms on 3 of my 4 tomatoes, tomatillos, cucumbers, and we have been eating sweet peas off the plants for a couple of weeks now.

Sweet Peas

Romaine lettuce growing under the squash trellis


Garlic growing like CRAZY

The few corn plants that made it

May 24

Looks like one of my cucumbers didnt make it, not sure which one.  So I grabbed 2 more from the greenhouse yesterday.  My sweet peas are doing very good, and my squash is starting to poke through, and my carrots are up!  No corn or cantaloupe yet, I think maybe the soil is still too cold.  Although we have had some nice temps- it was almost 90 on Saturday and in the 70’s yesterday.  The next two weeks look like they are going to be warm with temps in the 80s!

Cucumber: Slicemaster Select- harvest 60 days (July 10th); Fanfaret- harvest 66 days (July 14th)

May 20

We finally have a good amount of sun, so I thought I would take some pictures:

My garlic is doing great!  Growing like a week  Cant wait until it gets bigger

and the strawberries are doing good, but need some HEAT.  Its suppose to be 85 this weekend!

Romaine Lettuce.

White onions from seed.

And chives – I should probably pull off the flowers before they go to seed…

and a sleepy Ozzy laying in the shade…

May 19

It looks like the Pinata Peppers I started from seed are probably not going to make it… they were just too tender and small when I transplanted them, and I think the snow and cold temps got them.  I have two small pots that are still going, but I dont know how they are going to do.  With that in mind a picked up a couple more pepper plants last night.  In addition, I picked up some Wall O’ Waters and put them around my tomatoes, tomatillo and 3 pepper plants.  I also added one around the watermellon…

Pepper: Cayenne Long Thin Pepper- harvest 70 days; Thai Hot – harvest 70 days.

I am thinking that all my harvest days are going to be off because of all the cool weather we have had.  Yesterday was the first nice day we have had and it was about 70.  Looking forward to 85 degrees on Saturday!  Here is a new photo without snow 🙂

May 12

We had snow overnight… not happy about it.  I did cover the garden late yesterday so we will see how it holds up. We may have more snow tonight… holding out for sun and 50 degrees tomorrow…

May 9

Went to the greenhouse today to see if they had cucumber plants- they did!  and I got talked into planting watermelon too.  I did have to squeeze my tomatoes together a little to make room for the Watermelon…

Cucumber: Sweet Slice- harvest 62 days (July 10th); Straight Eight- harvest 66 days (July 14th)

Watermelon: Sugar Baby- harvest 73-86 days (July 23rd to Aug 3rd)

I am officially done planting and have no more room!  A little worried about snow forecast for Wednesday night- low temp forecast at 31… keeping fingers crossed…

May 8

My trellises finally came so I have planted some more seeds in the garden today and place everything where its going to go.

Carrots: Denver’s Half Long- harvest 75 days (Approx July 22nd).

Romaine: Parris Island- harvest 60-70 days (Approx July 7th).

Spinach: Bloomsdale Long-standing- harvest 48 days (Approx June 25th).

Squash: Sure Thing Hybrid- harvest 45-60 days (Approx June 25th), Sunray Hybrid- harvest 50 -60 days (Approx June 28th).

Cantaloupe: Honey Bun Hybrid- harvest 73 days (Approx July 20th)

The tomatillo and Roma tomatoes are blooming, and my garlic is starting to peak through.

May 2

We have rain coming this afternoon so I started in the garden early and planted all the plants I have been accumulating.

Herbs: (2)Curly Parsley, (2) Sweet Genovese Basil, (2) Prostrate Rosemary, Lemon Thyme, English Thyme

Sweet Peas: (2) Snap Mr Big- harvest in 59 days (June 30th); a Snap Sugar Daddy- harvest in 62 days (July 3); a Snow pea- harvest in 60 days (July 1)

Everbearing strawberries- we will see… I hope to get some fruit off of these and excited to have strawberries in a fenced area so the dogs don’t eat them (Simon LOVES strawberries)

Took a quick breakfast break and then headed to the greenhouse for tomatos.

Tomatoes: 1 each Brandywine- harvest 90-100 days, Roma- harvest 76 days, Black Krim- harvest 80 days, Mr. Stripey- harvest 56 days.  I assume thats from sprout to fruit as many of these plants already have flowers on them.. what can I say, Im an instant gratification gardener.

Tomatillo: Verde tomatillo- harvest 80-100 days.  These plants are about to bloom too.

Jalapeño: 1 plant- harvest 65-75 days.

Onions: Evergreen Long White Bunching- harvest 60 days.

May 1

Planted my corn today- Variety: Early n’ Often- 7 to 14 days to germinate; harvest in 64 days-  Should be ready around the 4th of July…

Planted 3 raspberry bushes- Variety (2) Rubus ‘Heritage’ and a Rubus Anne Yellow Raspberry

April 28

Garlic planted

I also worked on my garden plan today:

April 14

Planted onions today…

The Beginning….

After living in the mountains for 14 years at 9000 feed and having such a SHORT frost free time, we moved to Denver last August.  I am officially in Zone 5 and loving it.  I wanted to keep a garden journal, but wanted the ability to post photos in addition to basic info with a date attached so I am starting here.  Follow along if you like.

When we moved into our house on Garfield in August the garden and yard was a mess.  There was a good size flower bed that was completely over run with out of control flowers.  In the fall of 09 we pulled several bags full of plants out of there and thats about all that happened with it until this spring.  However, over the winter the dogs had decided that it was their spot and helped them selves to walking through it and using the restroom there… not good for a garden.  So I decided the first step was going to be to fence it off.  We found some great fence sections at Home Depot that were east to install.  Here are a couple of pictures of my garden with its new fence.

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