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A Fishing Weekend

We spent this weekend fly fishing (although we should have been packing!). Saturday we fished the Williams Fork River below the dam.  We got there too late in the morning and it was way to hot for anything to be biting so Noah scoped out a great rock to perch on.



Today we went to the Snake River about 5 minutes from our house.  It was a much more sucessful day!  Noah caught one right away.  Then I caught one and then Noah caught another one!





Fly Fishing

The boys and I went fly fishing this afternoon outside of Breckenridge.  There is a collection of beaver ponds way back on forest service roads.  It was a good day, I caught 27 fish, but the boys only had 1 or 2 each.  Now to be fair, the 27 I caught were all little guys.  Thats the nature of beaver ponds, they dont get very big. In fact, this is the biggest one of the day…





Fly Fishing in Montazuma