Monthly Archives: December 2008

Home-made Bread

Ok so I’m sure it seems like an easy feat that many of you do every day….

But I just made the most wonderful loaves of bread.  Sounds easy to do to you flat-landers at or just above sea level, but at 10,000 feet in altitude it is MUCH harder than it sounds.  Last year for Christmas I bought myself a wonderful book by Susan G Purdy titled “Pie in the Sky- Successful baking at High Altitude”.  The book has over 100 different recipes kitchen tested at sea level, 3500, 5000,  7000 and 10,000 feet in altitude and has variations to follow at each level.  I made a few recipes last year but did not have a good stand mixer to make many of the bread recipes.

Well that all changed this year when Al got me a Kitchen-Aide professional series stand mixer for Christmas.  I have been baking non-stop and just made two loaves of Boulders Best White Bread from the book.


Proofing the yeast


Letting it Rise



Fresh From the oven


With Butter and Jam! Yummy



The boys picked out the biggest tree they could find this year.  It literally took us 4 hours to get it in the house and set up, kinda straight, ready to be decorated.  I actually thought we were going to have to screw it into the floor so it would not tip over.  Before and after photos.



Frosty Morning

We woke up to -0.5 this moring and everything was covered in pretty frostiness.



View from my office window