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Hockey Set Up

A new hockey season is just around the corner and tryouts will be here in a couple of weeks.  Noah has spent the summer skating a bunch and doing a lot of dryland training with a couple of DU alumni.  Last weekend we pulled out his hockey net and put it together and then Al spent the better part of Sunday getting a shooting area set up for Noah.  Our house was built in the 50’s and does not have a garage.  Not a huge deal this time of year, but a big bummer when it is cold and snowy.  It does have a carport which is covered but open on the sides.  We decided this was a good place for the net cause its shaded and because of the roof we can wrap it in netting and protect the windows on the house.  Here are some photos of the set up.

Some extra shots of Noah Shooting



Not to much new going on around here.  Summer break is in full swing and we are all enjoying it.  Noah has been training four days a week for an hour and a half in the mornings with Matt Glasser, who just graduated from DU and Kyle Ostrow who will be the DU team captain this coming season.  Its pretty cool for him to get to train with a couple of hockey players!  There are about 14 kids training with them.  We hope it will give him a let up as we head into the fall and tryouts.

Our road trips is just around the corner!  We are headed to Iowa this Saturday- so pray for nice cool weather for us!  Here are a couple of pictures from the back yard.

Dinner From the Grill and Flowers in the Garden

I picked up some yellow squash the other day and decided to have it for dinner tonight along with Iowa Tenderloins.  But it was warm here today – so I decided to cook it on the grill.  All chopped up with salt, pepper, olive oil and chopped garlic!  Then I decided to grill some sweet onions to have on top of the sandwiches.  As you can see my whole grill is consumed by yumminess.


Ozzy was nice enough to keep me company


And some photos from my deck and “garden”


Finally my Bleeding Heart is blooming!  July 24th – Can you beleive it!


Its the year of the Columbine this year… I have White, Blue, Purple and Red all growing- and Im pretty sure we only planted the red one… the rest are volunteer… I might have to see if I can scrounge up some yellow columbine seeds to make my collection complete.








The last flower pictures youll see for a week!

So I planted a iris probably 4 years ago and it is finally going to bloom.  I had just about given up on it, and actually forgot it was even yellow.  Here is a picture of the buds- hopefully it will stil be in bloom when we get back from vacation.

I love the way these poppies come up.  its like the are bowing thier heads just getting ready to shine.

And I have strawberries on.  I bought a couple of strawberry plants a couple of years ago, and now they are fruit bearing.  We will see if they are ripe when we get back-  Sure hope so.

And my roses are blooming! 

I promise these are the last boring photos of my garden.  Check back next week for exciting photos from Grand Teton and Yellowstone!  I hope to get photos of a moose and more!! Headed out tomorrow for a grand driving tour of Wyoming and Montana!


My wild rose is in bloom and the columbine combo makes a nice photo. 

We decided not to dead head our poppies and just let them go to sead all summer.

And the Pansies just keep getting bigger-

Backyard photos