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My Tree’s Have Leaves!

I looked out my office window this afternoon and noticed that my aspen trees are starting to get leaves!  Very exciting!  I did mow the lawn last weekend, and the grass is growing very well.  Im probably going to have to mow again this weekend.


And my flowers are really starting to come up.  I even have some good buds on my poppies!






Well the snow is gone again, dare I say for good?  Probably not- but the grass is starting to turn green.  We finished up raking the front of the yard and patched there.  Al and Rosalie were up for the weekend, and helped with the yard work.  We also got the sprinkler system turned on and all is running good.  Even my roses seem to be trying to grow!


I smoked a couple of racks of ribs and Sausage in my Big Green Egg on Saturday-  enjoyed with a big bowl of potato salad and baked beans.

 The 2 Als and Noah worked on new flower boxes for me.  The original ones were made 10 years ago and have held up pretty good, but each year we needed to patch and re-screw many of the joints together.  So new ones were made with mitered corners.  Al and I spent yesterday sanding and sealing them.  Here is a comparison of the old ones and the new ones. As soon as I get them planted I will post more pictures- but it will probably be after Father’s Day. 


Noah painted his gold-  Nana would be proud!  

Grandma and Noah

Lazy Puppies

Looking forward to a short week.  Things on the list for the week include:

Noah is performing in the school talent show on Friday- playing guitar with a quartet. Picture to come!

What A Difference a Day Makes!

Not quite as appealing with fresh snow!  Another surprise from mother nature, an impromptu snow storm.  It was full of moisture and sticking to the bushes and trees.



Evening in the Back Yard

The only thing missing from this picture is me! This is one of my favorite places to sit and enjoy a nice glass of merlot.  Many nights we have big wind, but tonight is calm as can be.  The humingbirds are well into their warring, buzzing around each other.

My yard is officially snow free (for now anyway!).  We spent last weekend raking the back yard and cleaning up all the dead grass that the voles had torn up.  We ended up putting down 3 bags of new grass seed and 7 bags of soil to cover the damaged area.  We still have the front yard to do, but at least we have a jump start on the back yard- now we just have to get the sprinkler system turned on this weekend. You can see over in the corner by the trees all the fresh dirt.

Evening is also a great time to observe the humingbirds.  I have to tell you that my new lens ROCKS!  check out some of these close ups! 





Ozzy and Noah playing Tag- or keep away, Im not quite sure.  But one thing I do know- Ozzy is much faster than Noah!

More Snow Overnight!

I have to admit, it is a pretty snow and I’m sure if it were October, Id be thrilled.  But its starting to get a little depressing.  We keep getting significant snow amounts on a weekly basis.  I was looking at my calender from last year and this time last year we were turning on our sprinkler system.  I know this snow will help green up the grass, but Id really like to see the grass!

At least someone likes the snow!  Ozzy spent a good half hour just playing in the snow this morning. His face at one point was completely covered!  I think he ate as much as he had on his face.

The Elusive Hummingbird


I finally got a picture of the humingbird last night- and then again this morning.  Dont think he was very happy with having to look for food in the snow!  At least the food didnt freeze!

My First Flower

Stephanie posted a picture of her first flower this morning on her website so I thought I would post mine…

Okay- so its a viola, which basically grow like weeds, but its amazing that the cold cant kill them!  I have Strawberry plants coming up and columbines, as well as irises and poppies!  Very Exciting- and Look almost no snow left!  Now I just have to clean up the rest of the dog poo from the winter and rake-  Then we will see how much seeding we have to do.

I also heard the first hummingbird of the season on Sunday when we were out snowblowing the yard, so I made up some food and put it out.  I have had a bird or two on the feeder, but have not been able to catch them on film-  As soon as I do I will post the photo.