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June 16 Update

Sorry its been so long since I posted anything.  We have been busy with summer here.  Noah got out of school on June 3rd and took the following week to relax and catch up on video games.  There were a couple of days when he didn’t leave the house and just bounced from bed to couch back to bed again.  Last Wednesday he had golf lessons at the Keystone Ranch Golf Course and Thursday he went back out to the driving range with his buddy, Parker.

On Friday night Noah and Al went down to spend the night with Al’s folks.  I stayed home fighting off a cold and to take care of the dogs.  On Saturday morning Noah had to be in Ft. Collins at 8:15 to take the SSAT – which is an aptitude test required by some private schools for admissions.  We have applied Noah to Colorado Academy in Denver for fall enrollment, and while we are not overly optimistic, we are hopeful he will get accepted.  Colorado Academy is a private school with K-12 grades, with 800 students total.  They have a waiting list each year for enrollment, but have openings for next year of 1 or 2 spots.  That’s why we are not too optimistic.  We should find out in a week or so if he was accepted.

Noah stayed down with Al and Rosalie for a couple of days, and I will go a pick him up tomorrow.  Then on Saturday Noah, Ozzy and I are driving to Iowa to spend a week in Anamosa.  Noah will attend a Hockey Camp in Cedar Rapids from 1pm to 4pm Monday through Friday.

My flowers are SLOWLY starting to come in.  Its been a strange spring/summer with lots of rain and not much sunshine.  Temps have been in the low 30s in the overnight hours, with day time temps reaching the 50s to low 60s.  Here are a couple of pictures… Not much to show yet, but my wild irises are about to bloom and of course the pansies are blooming.  We have not planted flower boxes yet, as we are waiting until after the house gets painted next week.





Sorry folks- things have been crazy busy around the Hernandez house.  We are juggling Hockey and Football here on a pretty daily basis.  Noah made the Squirt B team for hockey, which was the same team he was on last year.  We will have a pretty young team so we will see how they do. He has a football game this Saturday so I will post some photos, and then we are going to a Broncos game on Sunday.  On top of all that, its Oktoberfest here on Saturday- so we may try to hit Breckenridge at some point…

The weather here as already started to turn to fall.  We have had a few dustings of snow up above tree line and the mornings have been chilly in the low 30s.  I have a feeling we will see snow before too long- So its time to turn off the sprinkler system, which is good, cause Im getting tired of mowing.  I need to take down my hanging baskets because the frost has gotten most of them.  No leaves turning yet, but any day now!


Sorry folks, I have not been very good about updating my pages lately… things aare CRAZY busy with work and life.  I promise to post more as soon as I have something new to say 🙂

Football ongoing with Noah’s first game next Thrusday under the lights of the high school field in Kremling, and Hockey tryouts are next Saturday. 

Hoping to smoke something this weekend, maybe a pork shoulder-  Ill post photos if I do!

untill next time….


Its been a crazy couple of weeks, and I have not been really good at updating my posts.  We didn’t do much this weekend- Noah had hockey on Saturday morning from 7:30 to 8:30 and then went to a birthday party.  Al and I drove to Denver and he waiting in line for 4 hours for a new iPhone.  I left him and drove back home to let the dogs out and get Noah, but by the time I got back to him in Denver, he had just gotten into the store and was in the process of getting it all set up.  It was a very long day to say the least.  Sunday we were bums 🙂

Looking forward to Football camp next week for Noah and Al, and then off to Yellowstone for a couple of days.

Good Day!

We had a great day today, a great weekend altogether.  The weather was just beautiful both days- around 70 degrees.  As I stated below we spent Saturday planting flowers, but today we decided we should go fly fishing.  I needed a new pair of waders and we both needed fishing licences so we went into the fly fishing shop and picked that stuff up.  After we were all geared up and legal, we headed north of Silverthorne and over Ute Pass to the Williams Fork Area.  We were driving down the road at about 40 mph when all of a sudden a moose cow came running out onto the road in front of us!  What a shock!  We stopped the car and the moose safely reached the other side of the road and preceded to turn around an look at us. Well I thought she was looking at us, but then in my side mirror I caught glimpse of what she was really looking for.  It was a very very small calf!  The calf crossed the road about 20 feet behind our car, and the cow ran towards it and they both ran off into the woods.  Now I’ve seen moose before when we traveled to Jackson Hole and through Teton National Park, but never in my own back yard (so to speak).  Probably the coolest thing I’ve seen in a very long time! Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me- better luck next time!

Check it out! Noah’s Blog

Noah has been bugging us for a while now for his own blog- Here it is – Noah’s Blog

Leave a Message after the Beep

So Im looking at my stats, number of visits, search engine terms used to fine my site, etc. and I see that I have more visitors then I would expect. I would expect only 3 to be honest, my brother, sister and sister in law. I know that I visit a handful of blogs daily but dont always write anything.  So Id love to have you leave a comment and let me know what you think-  Are you sick of huming bird pictures yet ( I know Mandy isnt)?  Let me know what you think…. BEEEEEPPPPPP