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Brisket- Yummy!

ummmm- Smoked Pork Roast

The process involved in smoking meat is fairly involved and although it take some time and planning, the result is very worth it.  I started yesterday morning with a 8.5 lb. bone in pork shoulder.  I typically cover the meat in a “rub” which is a collection of spices that seep into the meat to help flavor it.  The rub I have been using is heavy on Paprika, but also includes cumin, garlic powder, salt, sugar and ground pepper-  Its not my favorite, but when I made it last summer I made a ton of it, so as soon as its gone, I will switch it up. So I covered my pork with the rub and then covered in syran wrap and let it sit over night in the fridge. 

This morning I got up at 6:30 – thanks partly to the dogs needing to go out and partly to the fact that the trash man likes to surprise us before 8am to pick the trash up.  ( I have been known to wheel the trash can out in a robe with a towel on my head, when he comes REALLY early!)  We’d put the trash out the night before, but there are too many animals and I dont need any excuses to attract bears (although Al says they would not come that far out of the woods to our house.) I digress…

So I started the lump charcole at 7am this morning and let it get up to temp of about 700 degrees before capping it off and reducing air flow to bring down and stabalize the temps at between 200- 300 degrees.  I like to start out a little on the warm side, about 285 and then bring it down.  So after the coals got to the right tempurature, I added the wood chunks that had been soaking overnight for the smoke.  Then I put the Roast on and closed her down. 


You can see the smoke in this photo and the smoke lasts for about an hour before burning its self out.  I left the roast on the smoker at 220 from 8am until about 2pm.  We didnt have a really warm day, so after 6 hours I was having a hard time keeping the temperature steady.  So I set the over inside for 220 and brought the roast in, covered it with foil and ignored it.  I checked it at 4pm and it was not ready.

At 6pm I checked again (10 hours of cooking) and when I stuck a fork in and twisted, it pulled apart.  I pulled it out and let it sit to gather for a bit. 

Because we already had BBQ this week from the left over smoked chicken, we decided to try something new.  Al found a recipe for a vinegar sauce with Mustard so we will be trying that instead of BBQ sauce with it tonight.

The boys prefer totillas over buns, so is served with warm tortillas, pasta salad, and home made onion rings! Yum Yum!