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New Camera Lens

Al and Noah got me a new lens for my camera for Mother’s day and look how good these photos turned out!  Love the new lens!

These are pictures I took this weekend. Noah had two games in Denver this past Saturday-  They split them- won the 1st lost the 2nd, but Noah had an assist on the 2nd game, so he was excited.

Weekend Update

Friday Night Guitar Lessons

Saturday Lacrosse Game in Denver.  They didnt do as good this weekend and lost 8-2. But the weather was beautiful!

Saturday night- Noah had another sleepover and a friends house.  Al and I went out to dinner and then spent some time playing Tiger Woods 08.  I think we are all itching for golf season!

Sunday we spent some time in the back yard.  The snow, while melting, was still over the fence in one area and the dogs keep escaping.  So we decided to try and knock the snow down from that area.  Well it turns out it was hard packed on top but pretty wet underneath-  We tried to go at it with the shovels and then broke out the snowblower. 


We also have a vole problem and they do massive damage by eat the grass and tunneling.  we typically have to almost entirely reseed the yard every year.  So in efforts of trying to keep them outside the yard (which is nearly impossible) we decided to make a path along the fence too.  Now the snow can melt from both sides.  We are suppose to have rain in the next couple of days with a chance of snow/rain mix by the end of the week.  So that should help knock down the snow too.