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Mandy first posted about these succulent center pieces and I figured “I can do that!”.  So here is my attempt… they sell so many useful items at Michael’s Craft store- thats where I got these boxes!



I saw something recently on pinterest that caught my attention.  As has been well documented on this page, my yard and garden dont get a lot of sun. So when I saw these vertical planters I got an idea (also combined from this post) to plant strawberries and hang them on our west brick wall. So about 2 months ago I ordered 50 bare root strawberries, 25 June bearing and 25 ever bearing so there would be a good mix.  Then time passed and I forgot about them. All of a sudden they showed up in my mail box and I had to get them planted.  I bought a bunch of felt from Hobby Lobby and fashioned my own wall planter.  Below are photos of the process.





And now they are starting to grow pretty good!  


The ones in the garden are doing really well too and I have a TON of flowers and some little berries starting to form.


How do you grow your strawberries so to keep the birds, bugs and squires off of them?


I’m a big cheater!

What I mean is, I like to take short-cuts when I can.  Not when it comes to important stuff but just the little things.  I recently found this…

Talk about a short cut for breakfast.  Noah usually wakes up 30 minutes before we walk out the door to hockey.  Factor in a shower and that does not leave much time for Breakfast…  So I found this pancake batter in a can.  Throw in some fruit and you have instant breakfast.  Yesterday I pulled some frozen blue berries out to thaw and then made Blueberry pancakes.  Today was Banana pancakes.

My mom was always big on breakfast.  Never for herself, but she made us kids hot breakfast almost every morning before school.  And for NOT being a morning person, she could put together a GREAT breakfast in a pinch. In hind sight thats were I learned it from. Ive always been a big breakfast person.  Eggs might just be the perfect food!

sidenote:  I have a freezer full of fruit!  I have been flash freezing strawberries and blueberries all summer.  there were about 3 weeks in a row at the farmer’s market where pints of blueberries were a $1 a pint!  Ive been working through them putting them in pancakes and they work really good in smoothies for Noah in the morning.  I also froze the last batch of peaches that I didnt have the energy to preserve.  I have also been using them for mini pies….  I do wish I had more raspberries, but maybe I can find some from the farmer’s market this weekend.


My garden is winding down… and I have to say I didnt have the success I was hoping for.  As the summer progressed the sun moved so that my garden didnt have sun until after 1 pm… so nothing really did well.  I have gotten about a dozen tomatoes from 3 plants.  Although they are still producing and hopefully will have more before our first freeze.

My peppers have also done well and I am drying a bunch of them.

My strawberries are the only other thing that did well.  I just planted my potted plant in the ground so maybe I will have a BUNCH next year.

My garlic was a bust, my onions were a bust, my lettuce was a bust, my cantalope was a bust, my cucumbers were a bust, and my corn were a bust….  big bummer.  Our next house is going to have lots more sun!!!

My husband keeps telling me how we spent more on tomato plants than we would have buying tomatoes from the grocery or farmers market, but there is something really pure about picking a tomato and eating it while its still fresh and warm…  so I will probably plant more of those next year.    Ill have to figure out what I can plant next year.  My herbs did ok, but the onions didnt grow at all…

How did your garden do this year?

Backyard flowers

could not help posting these.  I was in Iowa last week and there were several conversations about hen and chicks blooming… here are some of mine.

and the sedum is blooming

day lillies


I found some aphids the other day on one of my pepper plants and then noticed a lone ladybug on another plant – so I moved it over to the pepper plant so it could have some lunch.  Well yesterday I was at the garden store and bought a bag of ladybugs: 2000 of them to be exact.  I opened them up last night in the garden to let them go to work.  This morning when I went out to the garden there were ladybugs EVERYWHERE!  Here are a couple of pictures.

Happy Garden in the SUN!!!

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Mother Nature is confused

This is the scene from my garden this morning… YES that is snow you see in there! I went and bought frost covers yesterday and thought- well maybe I wont need them.  Well the rain started while we were at lacrosse practice and quickly turned cold, so I was scrambling in the rain to put the covers on.  Used binder clips to get the covers to stay on the tomato cages.  Hopefully everything will weather the snow ok.  They are saying we may get more tonight so Im leaving them on until I see the sun again.  Its suppose to be 50 though and sunny tomorrow…

Doomed Tiger Lilies

We recently fenced off part what used to be a flower garden so that I can have a vegi garden… However we left part of it unfenced.  In that part there are flowers: tulips, lavender, bleeding heart, a rose bush, and today I added pansies a nice red lupine and some creeping floxs and a big section of tiger lilies.  These were blooming last August when we moved in.  However, Ozzy thinks they are a great place to lay, and Im not sure they are going to survive…

Ready for a garden…

Not sure if im just bored today, or need a hobby other than hockey mom…  But I’m already starting to think about my spring and summer gardens.  One of the things that sold us on this house in Denver was its back yard space.  Its really two spaces, a side yard and a back yard.  In the Summer, the back yard is completely shaded.  We have about 8 very big Elm trees that shade everything (not to mention dropping a bunch of leaves in the fall), but the side yard gets a good amount of sun.

There are several flower beds that run along the fence and these hold various flowers and plants.  We spent some time pulling out what was in there last fall and now Im trying to figure out what I want to plant.  Im thinking a combination of flowers and vegitables, as well as strawberries and maybe a melon or two…

I was thinking about starting seeds indoors in the next couple of months, so I thought Id make a list of what I wanted to plant.  Here is what I have:

Tomatoes- going to try to grow from seed

Yellow Squash


Peppers- couple of kinds, not sure yet.

Sugar Peas

Green Onions and Garlic


What else am I missing from my list….  Now I just have to find a garden fence that will keep the dogs out… they like to walk the perimeter of the yard checking for Fat Squirrels.

Anyone else out there dreaming of their garden yet?  If so what are you planning on planting?