A Sad but Good Visit…

Thanksgiving 2010 (in captions)


Noah mixing ingredients for the Pecan Pie

Pumpkin and Pecan pies

Turkey post brine- ready to go on the smoker

with breakfast rising on the stovetop

broth for the stuffing....

smoker ready to go!

and then some breakfast...

and a little sun basking...

6 hours later... the turkey comes off the smoke

the table is set, and the wine is poured...

and dinner is served!

and then.... we nap.... Happy Thanksgiving!

Noah’s goal from this weekend!

Noah’s First Goal of the season

Game Two- This is the 3rd period-  Noah scores his first goal about 1/2 way through!

Bulbs, Brisket, Buns and more….

We have had such great weather lately that I decided on Saturday to plant some bulbs.  See, last year when we moved in, I bought a bunch of tulip and daffodil bulbs from Home Depot in one of our many trips there.  But I procrastinated, and by the time I got around to planting them, we had cold temps and the ground was frozen.  So I put my bag of bulbs away to be pulled out this year.  So I went to the broom closet and pulled out my bag from last year, and finally found the source of the fruit fly infestation I have been fighting for weeks.  The bag of bulbs was a mushy mess of black and buzzing fruit flies.  So much for that idea….

So I went off to get more.  Came  home with a good selection:

Now I can only hope that the bone meal I used will keep the Squires away from some of them…

Im not sure how many I planted, but filled several beds, and put some in the fridge for forcing during the holidays.  I still have a handful to plant out front next weekend.

I also decided it was a good weekend to fire up the smoker and make a brisket thats been taking up room in my freezer.  This was part of the 1/4 a cow we purchased last fall and man its good meat!

The above photo is after about 4 hours on the smoker.  I let it go for about 6 hours, and then wrapped it in foil and stuck it in the oven at about 215 for a couple more hours.  Then put it in the fridge to reheat.

I also made a pan of home-made buns for the brisket sandwiches… very good.

it was such a great cut of meat that made the most tender brisket I have had in a very long time.  We ate about 1/2 of it so tonight I’m planning Brisket Pizza!  YUMMY~

A tid-bit of Noah’s first hockey game of the season

Noah’s team is in Red and he is number 10

I’m a big cheater!

What I mean is, I like to take short-cuts when I can.  Not when it comes to important stuff but just the little things.  I recently found this…

Talk about a short cut for breakfast.  Noah usually wakes up 30 minutes before we walk out the door to hockey.  Factor in a shower and that does not leave much time for Breakfast…  So I found this pancake batter in a can.  Throw in some fruit and you have instant breakfast.  Yesterday I pulled some frozen blue berries out to thaw and then made Blueberry pancakes.  Today was Banana pancakes.

My mom was always big on breakfast.  Never for herself, but she made us kids hot breakfast almost every morning before school.  And for NOT being a morning person, she could put together a GREAT breakfast in a pinch. In hind sight thats were I learned it from. Ive always been a big breakfast person.  Eggs might just be the perfect food!

sidenote:  I have a freezer full of fruit!  I have been flash freezing strawberries and blueberries all summer.  there were about 3 weeks in a row at the farmer’s market where pints of blueberries were a $1 a pint!  Ive been working through them putting them in pancakes and they work really good in smoothies for Noah in the morning.  I also froze the last batch of peaches that I didnt have the energy to preserve.  I have also been using them for mini pies….  I do wish I had more raspberries, but maybe I can find some from the farmer’s market this weekend.


My garden is winding down… and I have to say I didnt have the success I was hoping for.  As the summer progressed the sun moved so that my garden didnt have sun until after 1 pm… so nothing really did well.  I have gotten about a dozen tomatoes from 3 plants.  Although they are still producing and hopefully will have more before our first freeze.

My peppers have also done well and I am drying a bunch of them.

My strawberries are the only other thing that did well.  I just planted my potted plant in the ground so maybe I will have a BUNCH next year.

My garlic was a bust, my onions were a bust, my lettuce was a bust, my cantalope was a bust, my cucumbers were a bust, and my corn were a bust….  big bummer.  Our next house is going to have lots more sun!!!

My husband keeps telling me how we spent more on tomato plants than we would have buying tomatoes from the grocery or farmers market, but there is something really pure about picking a tomato and eating it while its still fresh and warm…  so I will probably plant more of those next year.    Ill have to figure out what I can plant next year.  My herbs did ok, but the onions didnt grow at all…

How did your garden do this year?

Dinner is Served: Garden & Shrimp Alfredo

Tonight’s Menu: Garden veggies with Shrimp alfredo over spinach angel hair pasta.

I was going to make shrimp alfredo, and then decided to church it up with what ever I had in the fridge from my veggie delivery.

Onions sautéing in bacon grease while I chop garlic-

Roasted Green Chiles from the farmer's market ready to chop

adding broccoli and cherry tomatoes

Yum- I could eat just this over pasta plain!

add shrimp

and I totally cheated and used alfredo sauce from a jar...


My NEW favorite breakfast

Breakfast quiche-  I have been making these a bunch lately.  I started one day when I had some puff pastry in the freezer and some cream in the fridge.  These are not things I typically keep on hand- well that has all changed.  Puff Pastry and cream are staples for this!  I have tried regular pie crust when I’m out of puff pastry but it’s not as good!

puff pastry in ramekins.

compile ingredients, I typically pull a bunch of left overs from the fridge and use them. Todays includes left over flat iron steak from dinner, carmalized onions, a tomato from the garden and 2 types of cheese.

Add ingredients to the ramekins.

add whipped up eggs and cream and top with cheese. I used a Mexican crumbly cheese inside and shredded cheddar to top it off.

Pop it in the oven for 20-30 minutes (I use the outside oven to keep the house cool) until done.


Dinner is Served: Smoked Salmon

Tonight’s Menu: Smoked Salmon with crackers and cream cheese and pepper jelly