I saw something recently on pinterest that caught my attention.  As has been well documented on this page, my yard and garden dont get a lot of sun. So when I saw these vertical planters I got an idea (also combined from this post) to plant strawberries and hang them on our west brick wall. So about 2 months ago I ordered 50 bare root strawberries, 25 June bearing and 25 ever bearing so there would be a good mix.  Then time passed and I forgot about them. All of a sudden they showed up in my mail box and I had to get them planted.  I bought a bunch of felt from Hobby Lobby and fashioned my own wall planter.  Below are photos of the process.





And now they are starting to grow pretty good!  


The ones in the garden are doing really well too and I have a TON of flowers and some little berries starting to form.


How do you grow your strawberries so to keep the birds, bugs and squires off of them?


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