Bulbs, Brisket, Buns and more….

We have had such great weather lately that I decided on Saturday to plant some bulbs.  See, last year when we moved in, I bought a bunch of tulip and daffodil bulbs from Home Depot in one of our many trips there.  But I procrastinated, and by the time I got around to planting them, we had cold temps and the ground was frozen.  So I put my bag of bulbs away to be pulled out this year.  So I went to the broom closet and pulled out my bag from last year, and finally found the source of the fruit fly infestation I have been fighting for weeks.  The bag of bulbs was a mushy mess of black and buzzing fruit flies.  So much for that idea….

So I went off to get more.  Came  home with a good selection:

Now I can only hope that the bone meal I used will keep the Squires away from some of them…

Im not sure how many I planted, but filled several beds, and put some in the fridge for forcing during the holidays.  I still have a handful to plant out front next weekend.

I also decided it was a good weekend to fire up the smoker and make a brisket thats been taking up room in my freezer.  This was part of the 1/4 a cow we purchased last fall and man its good meat!

The above photo is after about 4 hours on the smoker.  I let it go for about 6 hours, and then wrapped it in foil and stuck it in the oven at about 215 for a couple more hours.  Then put it in the fridge to reheat.

I also made a pan of home-made buns for the brisket sandwiches… very good.

it was such a great cut of meat that made the most tender brisket I have had in a very long time.  We ate about 1/2 of it so tonight I’m planning Brisket Pizza!  YUMMY~


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