Dinner is Served: Stroganoff

Well if you have not figured it out by now, I will cook just about anything on my grill.  Anything to not have to use the stove inside and heat up the house.  Along with a regular grill it also has an oven and a burner.  Last night I decided to make stroganoff and headed outside to use the burner on the grill.  The only problem came when I needed to make rice too.  So I just fired up the grill and set my pan on there for heat.  It turned out pretty good.  We have decided that our next house will have to have a pretty elaborate outdoor kitchen with a nice grill, oven, a couple of burners and maybe even a fridge.

Tonight’s Menu: Beef Stroganoff over Rice and left over Garlic-Basil Bread.

Ozzy stays close to make sure I don't drop anything!

Timing the rice- there an app for that!


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