Mini Pies

Every week when I go to the farmers market Noah requests a personal pie.  There is a stand (that makes a KILLING) selling pies and 3 different sizes 3 inch, 6 inch and 9 inch (regular size).  Noah likes the little 3 inch pies.  They make all different kinds of fruit pies.  However, they charge an arm and a leg for them.  The little 3 inch pies are $4!  I decided it would be easier to just make them.  I keep a box of rolled pie crust in the fridge and picked up some cherries at the store the other day.  The outdoor oven was very handy in our 95 degree heat yesterday…  I need to find some little pie pans though, cause I bought the individual ones from the store with graham cracker crust already in them, just cause I like the pan size.  But they are single use, so I’m on the hunt today for small pie pans.


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