Dinner is Served: Wings!

If you have met my son, you would know that wings are one of his favorite things to eat.  He always like to con people into “sharing” a plate of wings with him- although it ends up a 70/30 or 80/20 split.  He LOVES wings.  Its hard sometimes to find drummettes at the store but I got lucky today.  I picked up 3 packs of 10 each and a couple of different sauces/marinades.  We had buffalo style, Cuban garlic, and hoisen garlic sauce.

Tonight’s Menu: Chicken Wings, Roasted Garlic and Bread.

This is from the other day.  Im getting really good at making bread, and LOVE that I can bake it outside in the grill oven.  I have made a couple and cooked them on the grill and Im thinking of buying on of these http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/pizza-que-grill-stone/?pkey=x|4|1||4|Pizza%20stone||0&cm_src=SCH


4 responses to “Dinner is Served: Wings!

  • dbtigan

    love the “dinner is served” feature!!

  • janeellentigan

    Um…I want. that. bread. Recipe?

    • jennyjune

      ha- Its jusst a basic bread recipe that I got from a book called Pie In the Sky- Baking at high altitudes. But I added roasted garlic to it… Its a no fail recipe… I think there is a sea level adjustment. i will find it and send it to you!

  • michellestodden

    Everyone at work is drooling over your food pics. Someone here just asked for your bread recipe, too. She also wanted to know if you thought about becoming a chef. I wonder the same!

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