Dinner is served: Rib-eyes with Roasted Broccoli, Spinach and Fresh Bread

"THE Grill"

This might be one of the best investments we have ever made.  Al and Noah actually got this one weekend right after we moved into our Garfield house.  They got a really good deal on it cause it was out of the box and a little dented, but it grills GREAT!

Tonight’s Menu:

Bone in rib-eye steaks, Roasted Broccoli with Garlic Cloves, Roasted Spinach with Andouille Sausage and Onions, and oven fresh bread.

I try to get everything ready grill side that I’m going to need.  I don’t like to keep running back and forth to the kitchen when I need something.  Plus this way I can keep the door shut and the cool air in the house.  At the time I’m cooking each night is when the sun is beating down on the west side of our house heating it up.  Our next house is going to have a bigger, nicer outside kitchen/grill area with more countertops.

I usually put what ever veggies I’m roasting right on the grill while its pre-heating.  This gets a good heat on the bottom of the pans to start the roasting process, put it helps burn off whatever was left from the night before on the grill grates.

My bread bell fits perfectly!

While it stayed nice and cool yesterday, rather than turning the oven on in the house I just cooked my bread in the outside oven.  My bread bell fit right in there, which made me VERY happy!  Now there can be fresh bread all summer long with no worry about heating up the house.

Ozzy's idea of helping...

I thought these rib-eyes looked like little angels' wings...

Yum- look at those garlic cloves!

The bread cooked nicely although I crowded it a little bit.  I’m hoping on my trip to Iowa next week Mandy can show me how to knead bread.  I always knead it like I’m kneading clay and work all the air out of it, which makes it dense  good but still a little dense.  I like the air bubbles in it.  However after all my clay throwing in college, I have ruined myself on kneading, and just end up wedging.

a good dinner, topped off with some sun tea!


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