Flowers and strawberry advice?

Everyone seems to be posting their flowers, so I thought I would post my favorite that is blooming right now.

I also have a question for any strawberry experts out there-  I just bought a big hanging basket of strawberries and there are a few berries on the plant but the shoots are very long.  Im wondering if the plant is spending too much energy sending off shoots and not enough on producing fruit and if I should trim it up… Suggestions


2 responses to “Flowers and strawberry advice?

  • Stephanie

    don’t know about the strawberries. Mine are in the ground and we lots of strawberries and lots of long shoots.

    The most important thing for strawberries is full sun.

  • tiganfamily

    Looks good. We have lots of long shoots too -and full sun. David noticed that some of the really ripe ones were attracting slugs, so he is starting to pick them a little earlier and let them ripen on a tray.

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