Ready for a garden…

Not sure if im just bored today, or need a hobby other than hockey mom…  But I’m already starting to think about my spring and summer gardens.  One of the things that sold us on this house in Denver was its back yard space.  Its really two spaces, a side yard and a back yard.  In the Summer, the back yard is completely shaded.  We have about 8 very big Elm trees that shade everything (not to mention dropping a bunch of leaves in the fall), but the side yard gets a good amount of sun.

There are several flower beds that run along the fence and these hold various flowers and plants.  We spent some time pulling out what was in there last fall and now Im trying to figure out what I want to plant.  Im thinking a combination of flowers and vegitables, as well as strawberries and maybe a melon or two…

I was thinking about starting seeds indoors in the next couple of months, so I thought Id make a list of what I wanted to plant.  Here is what I have:

Tomatoes- going to try to grow from seed

Yellow Squash


Peppers- couple of kinds, not sure yet.

Sugar Peas

Green Onions and Garlic


What else am I missing from my list….  Now I just have to find a garden fence that will keep the dogs out… they like to walk the perimeter of the yard checking for Fat Squirrels.

Anyone else out there dreaming of their garden yet?  If so what are you planning on planting?


4 responses to “Ready for a garden…

  • Stephanie

    I planted tomatillos for the first time last year, I understand that they re-seed themselves easily, so I believe I’ll have them next summer too. If they don’t come up, I’ll be sure to plant a few.

    Also radishes… dreaming about radishes

    and kale… so yummy.

  • BT

    I’m dreaming about freezing even more raspberries and strawberries than we did last year. It has been such a treat to pull them out of the freezer during this(wicked) winter

  • Angela

    Jen! I am dreaming of our garden too… we were just talking about the peppers tonight. Gotta have them for pepper jelly!
    I have now updated my blog! Trying to catch up, but hope to get back in the swing of it! =)

  • elizabeth jeanne

    I am SO excited for our garden too. we need more than 100 onions apparently, and we are still using frozen green chilies regularly, so the pepper number was good… we learned SO much last year. My biggest fear – to echo Stephanie is that all the tomatoes I let rot when I was a brand new mom are all going to volunteer and we’ll be overrun by tomatoes, AGAIN!

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