Gift Wrap Anyone?

Its that time of the year again.  School Fundraising!  WAHOO!  You know you secretly love it when I ask for your support! 

And EVERYONE needs wrapping paper!  Honestly, I really like this time of year cause I get to stock up on GOOD quality paper.  Not that cheap stuff from the big box stores that just rips when you try to cut it.

Click here for the link so that Noah gets credit for the sale-

If clicking the button does not take you to the Sally Foster® Online store, just visit to make your purchase and enter my seller number (390939) during the checkout process so I get credit.
Thank you very much for your support, and enjoy your Sally Foster Products.

All orders will ship directly to you, and all orders over $70 will receive Free Shipping!

Thanks so much for your help and consideration!


3 responses to “Gift Wrap Anyone?

  • Dad

    Jenny, Al and Noah,

    Thank you for the pics. The house looks great! Outside yard, all the windows, nice kitchen, (looks like the same era as mine with plain front cabinet panels).

    My computer lost it’s mother-board so I will be ‘down’ for a while…until after property taxes, later this month.

    Love Ya!!

  • tiganfamily

    I bought a few items and already received them. Hope Noah does well with it all!

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