Our New(to us) House

CIMG1520Sorry, these are long overdue!  Its been a crazy couple of weeks so Im behind in everything.  Here is a picture of our new house in Denver.  This is the front view.  There are 3 pine trees on the front of the house that will be coming down as soon as I can find an arborist to come and help with that.  I also have 4 very mature elm trees that we want to check on the health of.  The house is 4 bedrooms 3 baths, 2500 square feet.

The thing that sold us on the house was the outdoor living space.  There is a very nice back and side yard that are fenced.  We are on a corner lot, so there is a ton of space on the front thats not currently fenced.



The kitchen is big, but not in very good shape.  We are scheduled to have the cabinets re-faced, and have a new Quartz counter top and sink being installed along with new appliances the week of September 14th- so I will post some after pictures when that process is done.




The entire house has great light with all the windows-


The biggest drawback at this time is the lack of garage.  Right now we just have a car port, but as soon as we can sell our Dillon house, we will look into adding on a garage.  We are getting settled and Noah starts his new school on Monday!  Very exciting times.



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