For Sale

Well we are officially “For Sale” aka “On the Market”.  After a couple of months of purging and packing our house is for sale.  If you didnt already know- we have been talking about moving to Denver for a couple of years now, but with Noah moving to middle school next year, it just seems like the right time to do it.  Maybe not the best time to sell a house, but its a great time to get a deal on one. 

We have been looking in Denver for a couple of weeks and actually found a house and put an offer in tonight… of course we have to sell our current house in order to be able to move- so everyone please keep your fingers crossed for us!  

It was wonderful two weekends ago to be in Denver and see all the tulips and daffadils in bloom… I was looking back at pictures from last year and we actually had a good snow storm on May 17th!  I sure hope that does not happen this year.  Our snow is slowly melting and I am gradually de-pooping the yard and raking.  The gras under the snow is very green so thats nice to see.  I found a dandelion in the rocks on the south side of our house in the exact same spot as last year already in bloom… and I have a few columbines starting to sprout.  Cant wait for spring.  Cant wait to experience spring in Denver.

Pray for a quick sale 🙂


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