Noah’s Team Wins opening Football Game!

Thought I would post that Noah’s team won their football game last night 12 -6.  I didnt take any photos cause it was too dark but I will take some at his next game on Sept 13th!  He had a couple of good tackles, and did ok as 1 of 3 quarterbacks.  The team has about 35 kids and in order to keep track and make sure that everyone gets to play the kids all wear colored wrist bands – one on each wrist.  The Right wrist is their defensive line color, and the left wrist is their offensive line Color.  So they the coaches can just call out “Red Defence” or “Blue Offense” and the kids all look at their wrists to see if they need to go on the field!  With 35 kids to to hard to keep track and make sure everyone one has played!

Hockey Tryouts this weekend!


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