Road Trip- Part 3

Yesterday morning we all went on an hour ride.  Wow its been a long time since I have been on a horse!  Its like riding a bicycle, only with a lot more pain!  My knees hurt so bad after I got off, I almost couldn’t walk!  Noah had a great time though and was taught perfect form (by me 🙂 ).  Then we spend the afternoon driving up to Mammoth Hot Springs.  It was one of the few areas we did not see last time we were here.  Well, we were all a little disappointed.  It was pretty boring! All springs dried up years ago and there was really only one that was flowing with any color to it. 


But I did get a great picture of Gibbon Falls.

Today we went back to the park to fish…. well they call it fishing and not catching for a reason. None of us caught anything.  It was a very breezy day and warm – we think the water was too warm for the fish to be biting.  So after no fish and lunch we decided to take a drive around the loop in the park.  We were driving from Canyon Village to Fishing Bridge but got turned around because of a wild fire buring in the park along the Yellowstone River.  Kinda scary with the high winds, but it had just started when we got close to it and they were working to get it under control.

And of course we drove by the buffalo herd.

And a bald eagle.

After we got turned around, we stopped to see the Upper and Lower falls.  So pretty.

A long day but we are headed North tomorrow.  We are going to try and leave the ranch around 8 or so and try and fish about 20 minutes North of here on our way to Philipsburg.  Sapphire mining tomorrow!


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