Road Trip part 2

Well after a day driving through Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks we arrived in West Yellowstone at the Parade Rest Guest Ranch.  We have a very rustic 1 room cabin right on the Grayling Creek. Much  more rustic than the Teton Mountain Lodge!  Today we spent the day as a guided Fly Fishing Day-  It was AWESOME! 

Fishing was awesome-  I landed 3 trout (1 rainbow and 2 browns) Al landed 2 ( a rainbow and a brown) and Noah hooked about 14 but was not able to land any.  Its amazing fishing!  Our guide Peter was GREAT- his goal all day was to make sure Noah caught a fish… he had quite a few on but didnt land any- I think Peter wanted it more than Noah did in the end.

Tomorrow we will put Noah on a horse for the first time and I will post pictures as soon as I can.  It might be a couple of days though cause I cant post them with a dial up connection-  Ill be in Bozeman Thursday night and post them then.  Meanwhile – check back for text updates 🙂

Some more random photos from the park on these days. Give it a few minutes cause there are a few to load.

No Trip to Yellowstone would be complete without a trip by Old Faithful!


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