The Great American Road Trip- Part 1

We started our trip yesterday departing Dillon around 5pm and drove to Rock Springs, Wy to spend the night.  Rock Springs is right on I-80 and great place to stop and spend the night- but probably nothing else.  We then got up this morning and drove to Kemmerer, Wy which is the Fish Fossil Capital of the World.  We drove out onto BLM land in the middle of no where to a rock quarry where we searched for fish fossils.  It was very warm- in the upper 80s but there was a nice breeze blowing.  Noah was a little frustrated after an hour of searching and not finding any, but I told him its kind of like fishing- its called fishing for a reason, not catching. But we were fishing for a little different kind of fish.  Basically its a big limestone quarry and you are given a hammer and chisel and a spot to work.  You start with a hunk of rock, any size as long as it is at least a couple of inches think.  Then you start in the middle dividing layer by layer to see what you find. 

Here is what they look like in the rock… We ended up with a box full!

And here is a photo take about an hour outside of Jackson Hole.  Goodnight from Teton Village!


One response to “The Great American Road Trip- Part 1

  • john

    hey jen – just saw these on your facebook page and thought I would check for more here. looks like a good start to the trip.
    looks like you got a couple of good paleontologists there! hope you can post more pictures during the trip. have fun.

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