Flower Boxes

We spent most of Saturday shopping for flowers and planting the new flower boxes that Al andNoah made for me earlier this spring.  We usually plant our flowers for the season around Father’s Day, but since we spent last week in Iowa, we were not here to plant.  Its actually a good thing we didn’t plant, because we did have snow last week.  We also got our hanging baskets which hang from the eves of the deck.  I didn’t take any pictures of the deck off the master, but we have 2 boxes there and 2 big planters.  We planted some strawberries a couple of weeks ago in the two big planters.  Anyway, it was a long day of planting, but we are very happy with the results.  Take a look!


And look! My Poppies are starting to pop!  Most of my poppies are self started from seeds that had fallen.  We planted 2 poppy plants about 2 years ago andnow they are everywhere!  I even found some growing on the other side of our fence in the lot next to us.  As they start to bloom more I will  put more pictures up but this is the first one that has popped open.  My 2nd plant of irises is about to pop open too… I think there are like 5 flowers on that one- stay tuned for photos.

One plant that always reminds me of my mom is a fuschia-  Nancy loved Fuschia-  I can remember almost every summer she would find a big hanging basked of fuschia- so everytimeI see one it makes me think of her.  Well I found a couple of smaller plants at our local greenhouse and bought 2.  I was not sure what I was going to do with them, but they fit nicely in this single pot!


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