More Wapsi Flood Photos

The first round of photos was taken about 11am on Thursday and these were taken around 7 pm on Thursday, which is why they are a little dark.  Im not sure how close I will be able to get today to take photos as the river has completly come out of its bank and taken over the lower part of town…

You can see in this photo that the river is right at the bottome of the iron bridge. Mandy and I were down by this bridge around 1pm and they were talking about the chain lenght fence on the bridge and whether or not to take it off the bridge, and you can see from this photo that they did go ahead and take it off… 

John and Mandy standing on the bridge on the highway looking towards the iron bridge.  You can see how close to the bottom of the bridge the water is.  About 10 minutes after this was taken the closed this bridge to all traffic, including foot traffic!


This is a shot of the sandbagging going on at the water waste treatment plant.  About 15 minutes after this was taken they evacuated ths plant and it was overrun by water.


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