Leave a Message after the Beep

So Im looking at my stats, number of visits, search engine terms used to fine my site, etc. and I see that I have more visitors then I would expect. I would expect only 3 to be honest, my brother, sister and sister in law. I know that I visit a handful of blogs daily but dont always write anything.  So Id love to have you leave a comment and let me know what you think-  Are you sick of huming bird pictures yet ( I know Mandy isnt)?  Let me know what you think…. BEEEEEPPPPPP


3 responses to “Leave a Message after the Beep

  • Barb

    ok, so besides your brother and sister, now you have your aunt visiting! Love the birds.
    It was SO great to see you and Al and Noah in Denver last week. We love you guys!

  • katie

    i love the humming bird pictures and the ones of the family too.

  • Papa Bob

    Hi Jenny! Love your blog and duly noted that a message is left.

    So looking forward to seeing you and Noah, and maybe Al. Not quite sure what activities we will be having are doing. As you know, Steph and gang will be camping at the state park, dinner planned at John and Mandy’s on Sat. night.

    Love you and later……………

    Dad, aka Papa Bob

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