More Snow Overnight!

I have to admit, it is a pretty snow and I’m sure if it were October, Id be thrilled.  But its starting to get a little depressing.  We keep getting significant snow amounts on a weekly basis.  I was looking at my calender from last year and this time last year we were turning on our sprinkler system.  I know this snow will help green up the grass, but Id really like to see the grass!

At least someone likes the snow!  Ozzy spent a good half hour just playing in the snow this morning. His face at one point was completely covered!  I think he ate as much as he had on his face.


3 responses to “More Snow Overnight!

  • Stephanie

    At least it melts quickly. What do you have against apostrophes in your writing? Is it just a glitch in your editing program? How soon until you are able to plant tomatoes?

  • jennyjune

    I dont tend to use apostophes at all…

    We dont ever plan tomatoes- our season is way to short and not hot enough for tomatoes to grow well…

  • newlifestyles08

    That is such a sweet picture of Ozzy! What a cutie.

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