Nerd Day

Our elementary school and the Student Council regularly have “Themed” days at school, and typically only on Fridays.  Well today is Nerd Day at school.  Noah picked his own outfit out- (those too short pants still come in handy on days like today).  He is wearing Al’s prescription glasses so I dont know how he is going to see anything all day, but he looked pretty good!

He is definatly more of a Jock than a nerd!

The boys went to the Avs game last night and came home disappointed- the Avs lost 8-2 and the Red Wings swept them.  They had a great season though-  The boys had a 1/2 season of tickets in the 9th row behind the goal.  I think thats one of the reasons Noah gets sports because he gets a chance to see them on a regular basis.  Its a great experience and even though they didnt get home until 11:30 last night, Noah was bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning- no complaints of being tired! More lacrosse this weekend! 



2 responses to “Nerd Day

  • Papa Bob


    You make me laugh! I love it and I am looking forward to seeing you and your Mom soon.


    Papa Bob

  • mandy

    Great outfit! Thanks for the Birthday wishes. I’m finally back on the computer and trying hard to get caught up after being away for 5 days.

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