E-85 vs. Regular Gas

So I filled up the other day for the first time with E-85 gas at $2.59 a Gallon-  And I think got about 14 miles to the gallon, but forgot to reset the gage until over 100 miles in – so Im not too sure about that. I filled up again last night at $2.39 a gallon and averaged 14 mpg on the way home (but going up hill the whole way).  I know that with E-85 I get fewer mpg, but I still think its a much better deal.  Check my math here:

E-85:  $2.39 X 20 Gallons = $47.80 – 14mpg X 20 gallons = 280 miles so therefore each mile cost .17 cents

Reg Gas $3.59 X 20 gallons = $71.80 – 19 mpg X 20 gallons = 380 miles so each mile costs .19 cents

In the long run E-85 is less expensive even if its only a few cents per gallon.  In my mind its a better deal cause Im paying less than $50 to fill up as apposed to over $70 each time…  Am I  Crazy?


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