Another Busy Weekend

Seems like we work all week to relax on the weekend, but our weekends run us just as ragged as the week!  Here’s what we did this weekend~

– Friday Night – weekly guitar lesson for Noah.  He is practicing for the School Talent show coming up.  Working on a quartet- should be good!

– Saturday Morning- Lacrosse Game in Denver.  They won! in over time 2 to 1.  This was only their second game and our team is a combined 4th and 5th grade team, but all the teams we are playing are all 5th grade only teams.  Pretty exciting for the kids to win – especially since our kids practice in a gym (no grass yet on the fields, just snow) and all the other kids we play are practicing on grass.  Its a big difference scooping a ball from the gym floor than it is from grass!

– Saturday Afternoon-  Noah had a birthday party sleepover, so he rode home from Denver with his friends.  Al and I spent some time in Denver, and I was thrilled to find a gas station that sold E-85, which my new car takes- gas was $2.59 a gallon!!!  I was able to fill up for under $50!

Saturday Evening- Noah is sleeping over at a friends so Al and I went out for Sushi! Yummy sushi and sake!

Sunday- the weather was not that great.  Looked warm outside, but it was only about 40 with cold winds.  Im really getting anxious to plant some flowers, but I know Im still a month and a half before its safe. Even with all the snow we still have on the ground and the cold temps, I never can seem to stop the dandilions!

Dandilion growing in the rocks



2 responses to “Another Busy Weekend

  • mandy

    That’s great that they one their game. I can’t believe you bought any kind of gas for 2.59! That’s amazing.
    I’m glad that we haven’t planted anything yet because it has been freezing here at night. It actually snowed yesterday.

  • Stephanie

    Be careful with e85. They did a big news story here and you’ll burn thru the ethenol so much faster that the story showed that the real gas ended up being cheaper.

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